Friday, February 1, 2013

Goal Setting

Hello guys,
This post will be a little different from the usual ones. Im going start a habit, I already have been implementing in my life, here with this blog. That is goal setting. On the first day of every month, starting today, I will post a list of goals I want to have accomplished, related to my work, by the end of the month. It will include things I might want to improve on, start on, finish, or do entirely from start to finish. This will keep me accountable for doing these things I set myself up to doing. As part of a requirement as well, I will have to post at the end of every week, so that is 4 times a month, progress pictures and brief note on where I am currently with that project and what I plan on doing with next. So lets get down to business.

This month I plan on working on 3 separate projects. I chose them based on areas that interest me and that I want to put more time in. So here we go,

1. Male model in Maya
       Things to look for:
                - Complete model: with teeth, gums, and tongue (for production rigging)
                - Anatomically correct shapes
                - Good edge flow
                - mid-level resolution
Some reference videos:

Also look in CRI and CDC reference folder.

Level of Completion GOAL: Entirely modeled

2. Auto rigging script
      Thinks to look for:
              - Modular coding
              - Individual systems (arms, legs, back, etc...)
              - Requirements: Joints and control icons in position

Level of Completion GOAL: Have at least standalone functions for building each separate rig system.

3. Bust Modeling
        Things to look for:
                 - Accurate head proportions
                 - Accurate head and face landmarks placing
                 - Identifiable gender and age of model (male / elder)
                 - Realistic

Level of Completion GOAL: Entirely modeled with finer details such as skin pores and wrinkles.

So there we are. 3 separate projects. I'll keep posting as work on them.

See you soon!!


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