Monday, May 20, 2013

Just uploaded a pretty cool tool to help anyone in any discipline speed up their workflow. This tool gives the user the means to create their own set of tools with controls to manage any maya node's attributes. I outlined below the basic workflow for creating your own tools.

I also uploaded a demo video @

You can download the script @


Basic workflow:

1. Select and load object into the UI
2. Select attributes to create controls for
3. Create Tool or Export script
4. Create Tool to generate a test window of what the final tool will actually look like
5. Add or remove controls if needed
6. When satisfied with the tool's contents, export script
7. Select and drag script to the shelf
*Note: created tool will work with any object of the same tye of the object the tool was created with (for)

Using new created tool with multiple objects 

1. Click tool in the shelf
2. Type in the object field the name of the object in the scene you want to control
3. Click reload to load attributes for object
*Note: at any point you can change object being controlled just by changing the name in the object field and clicking reload

4. Add or remove controls as needed with the Add Controls button

In the Add Controls window:
      Move attributes to and form using the 'arrow' button
      < to remove
      > to add

*Note: left list is list of all atttributes associated with the current object. right list is list of current attributes being controlled.

I hope you enjoy it!
Any feedback will be very appreciated!

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  1. Hi Luiz,

    I have been searching the entire web for how to create a custom HUD for maya camera, for filmmaking privz purposes. Im still not sure if this tool can help me but I thought I drop couple of words and say thank you for the free tool. Since I creating a custom HUD plugin is not as easy as I thought it would be, Im going to use your plugin to create a camera with couple of annotations close to the frame showing the director name, lens, shot number, etc. Im developing my short film (no budget) so Im planning this for my previz. If you ever want to know more about my film or want to contribute to it just visiti my website ( or contact me directly and I'd be happy to have chat with you!