Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back to the Basics

So I had this crazy idea... I decided that I'll start working from the basics, all through the production pipeline, from modeling to final compositing, and refine my workflow. I have handy some new tutorials I acquired recently, and just for fun, I'll go over them and post here the outcomes. New ideas, inspirations, interesting things I bumped into in the way, renders, etc. This will help me cover any gaps there might be from when I began learning some of the softwares, especially maya. And also get acquainted with some of the new features of the new editions. In other words, I wasn't really sure how to start this blog, so this is it. It will be a journal of my learning adventure. I'll try to post something every week or so. And I hope to have some fun with this. So first in the list is getting an overview of maya 2012 and then off to some BASIC modeling.


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