Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting Started - Part 1

So, like I posted last time, I started following some tutorials and going back to the basics. I've finished the jet plane going all the way from modeling from primitives, mostly NURBS, and converting them, and also polygons. This allowed me to get into good habits, and actually notice and hopefully in the future correct some bad practices I had. But it was fun modeling. The fan blades was done with a trick using special duplicate on the one mesh. Throw in a few trims, a lot of extrudes and lofting, and we get the base mesh. Then was applying the materials. The chrome was actually done differently to how I would usually do, I used a dgs material. The model has quite a simple shading network, but it was helpful to use a little of everything in this tutorial. From procedural texturing to working with specialized materials like the car paint for the bronze parts. Well, then came rigging and this I had a lot of fun with, and I am going to post next some videos of the rigging process and some animatable parts of the plane for you guys to see. I set up a few basic animation sequences that I'll render and post here too. Lighting was done lastly, all using directional lights, and it was just very basic, it wasn't really the purpose of this project. Just really to give a better look to the render, with shadows, and etc...

Jet Plane - Modeled in Maya 2012
So, this was the first, this is a render from the final model staged. Like I said, I'll make a couple videos to post showing some of the process. Please comment.



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