Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Turning Off Local Rotation Axis

If you ever have been frustrated with the local axis toggle in maya like I once was you might find this little script useful. Sometimes you forget or loose track of what you've toggled on. Today I saw a friend spend so much time trying to figure out what node has local axis on, that while it was kinda of funny, I felt it couldn't be a bad thing to share something that can fix it in just a few lines. As I'm sure there are more people who have struggled with this at some point. So, using good old fashion MEL, you can just create a shelf button and copy these lines

// Turn off LRA for all the selected objects
$sl = `ls -sl`; for ($s in $sl) { $on = `toggle -q -localAxis $s`; if ($on == 1) { toggle -localAxis $s; } };
You can now select the objects you want and click the shelf button to run the code, and it will toggle only the ones that are on. Essentially making sure everything is off.


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