Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dynamic Chains Comeback

I did a video awhile back showing how to setup dynamic joint chains using Maya Hair. The idea was to show a quick and easy process to get those working. Since then I put together a tool to automate the setup process and to allow for easy management of multiple dynamic joint chains in the scene.

This is the original video posted.

The tool was planned out, and I've been updating it as I used it and as needed. Here is the original plan for the tool.

In the process, the setup also got update to utilize nDynamics and the nucleus solver, unifying all dynamic simulations under one solver.

In summary, the tool will allow the creation of multiple dynamic joint chain driven by nHair. The user will also be able to turn any geometry into a collision object, in order to have the joint interact with it. The simulations created with the setup can also be cached to a file or baked as animation onto joints, through the tool, and the dynamic nodes can be removed at any point in time.

I'll be making the tool script available soon in the Downloads section, and I will be posting a reference page with instructions on using the tool's UI.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Any feedback or comments will be very appreciated.


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