Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Space Switching Video Series

Hello everyone,

This past 2 weeks I've been hearing a lot of question about space switching, so I decided to put together a video series explaining the concept and going a little further by actually stepping through the process of how to script a tool to setup space switching for rigs and creating an animation tool to interact with that setup.

In this video series I'll go from theory to the actual step by step process, as you can watch me implementing a tool that I use with all my rigs.

As you may know, isolating movement of a body part for example, in a character rig can be very important. For example, imagine that you have a character standing facing straight ahead, if then you start to rotate the body to face the other way, the head would turn with it as well. But if you need the head to keep facing forward, you would need to isolate its rotation. The initial way to fix that, would be for the animator to counter animate the head rotating back to its default pose facing forward.

The problem with this is that any time the animator makes an adjustment, they
have to go back and fix the head again. This can become really annoying.

Thankfully we can use space switching to help us with that. Check out this video for a quick breakdown on space switching until the first video in the series is uploaded

This is what the video series will cover:

1. Introduction
- What is Space Switching
- Breakdown and examples
- Setting it up in maya

2. Automating the process
- Theory and requirements
- Recreating the process in python

3. Creating a tool
- Starting UI for tool
- Implementing functions for UI controls
- Putting it all together

4. Creating an animation tool for space switching
- Introduction
- New concepts - Space Matching
- Starting UI for animation tool
- Implementing new functionality
- Putting it all together

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