Monday, August 27, 2012

Character Design - Week I

First I made my model selection ( and made the reference sheets that I would base my modeling around for the next few weeks. Tweaked and adjusted in Photoshop, here they are, the body turn around and the head reference.

I forgot to mention that the character theme was chosen at random based on style, job, and time period. I got Western Sniper in the Future. So next, some brainstorming was done and I came up with a character bio. The following is a web graph for the breakdown of the character and her clothing. Used if you are curious. Its free.

Next we need to make a base mesh for the model base shape and silhouette.

I added this extra turn around video just if want to take a better look at it. Just a base model. Lets move on.

Next we detached the base hand to work on it. Our first body part modeled was the hand.

So this was it for week I. Good progress so far but you haven't seen nothing yet. Week II I went into full throttle.

Be right back with some more!