Monday, August 27, 2012

Character Design

Here we are. Im excited for these next few posts that will show from start to finish the pre-production work on the character design to modeling of a human female model fully textured ready for use in film production or high-resolution game. To break it down, this project took 4 weeks. This is how I scheduled the production for the time I had.

Week I:
       Reference selection and Image Plane building
       Base Model Blockout
       Part I - Hand

Character Design:
       Character Concept and Design Brainstorming
       Character Bio Development
       Character Outfit Development

Week II:
       Part II - Arm
       Part III - Leg
       Part IV - Torso
       Part V - Base Head

Character Design:
       Character Sheet Development (character and outfit/accessories)

Week III:

       Part VI - Detailed Head
       Part VII - Ear
       Part VIII - Parts Attachment
       Part IX - UVs

Character Design:
       Character Sheet Development (material swatches and labels)

Week IV:

       Part VI - Hair
       Part VII - Light Setup
       Part VIII - Render Deliverables

Character Design:
       Character Sheet Development (finalizing and compositing)

So, after this very crowded agenda, came the fun part.


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