Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Character Design - Week II

Back with some more! Week II was all about getting the big shapes of the model done. Im talking arms, legs, torso, and the base of the head. In the design department I got the concept for the character with clothing and gear finalized and posed it in Photoshop. So first in line was the arms. Like everything else, I worked on one, and then mirrored it over to the other side. Here are some screenshots.

I also included a quick vid if you want to take a better look at the model.

Moving on! Next part that was focused on was the leg. This took a little more work to get the right shape. Although the reference model had very subtle muscle definition I wanted to keep true to the anatomy, the sartorious, quadriceps (vastus lateralis and medialis), biceps femoris, the bone structure around the patella, even the calves. So lets get to it!

For the leg, Im also uploading a vid.

And finally, we get to the torso. This took a little more work because there was more to consider. I wanted to make sure I included appropriate topology such as loops for the pectorals and abdominals, rib cage flowing into the latissimus dorsi and the topology for the trapezius and scapula. The geometry of the breast was done seperate and attached later, just one method of doing it. The gluteus was given a basic shape since it will still be changed once the leg is attached to the hip area. Here it is.

And of course, here is a quick vid.

To prepare for week III we modeled the base shape for the head. The screenshots show the process and the final look. I focused on getting the big shapes of the model's features, making sure to layout the geometry for the ocular cavity, the mouth and the nose structure. Of course getting an anatomically correct shaping of the skull was important too. Notice that in the model the loop for the ear also prepares for laying out the sternocleidomastoid once we get to modeling the neck. And I went ahead and modeled a basic set of eyes, just check for accuracy when shaping the eye socket. So here we go.

Once again, a nice turn around video.

And thats it for the modeling portion on week II. Onto the design department, on week II I got the character design and the outfit with accessories done. Here it is.

And we come to a close on week II. See you soon.

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