Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Character Design - Week IV - Final Week

So this is the last stage in production for this project. This is where we bring everything together. To finalize the model, I added geometry for the hair. I used different references to come with the look and and finally finished it with a different style of eye balls just for the final render, and gave the model eyebrows and eyelashes. I setup some lights for the renders and this is how it turned out.

Hope you've enjoyed it. I certainly did. A spoiler on whats to come. I've been learning hair systems. Expect to see some nice hair simulation soon. I'll be using this character model for the future projects. Also, this is what I plan to still do with to truly finalize production: texture and shade. The objective is to go for a more photoreal look. In the future I still wish to rig this model and build a facial rig for it to animate some expressions. So stay tuned, because there is a lot of cool stuff coming.

See you soon.


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